We are back!

I am so thrilled to be able to re-open my little shop.  I missed it dearly while I was away. 

It's been a busy, busy week!  I've been making all kinds of goodies for you...

First up, some avocados.  I've been enjoying avocados with a generous squeeze of lime and a dash of sea salt lately.  It put me in the mood to make some wee little ones...

 Next, some nectarines!

 A succulent chocolate raspberry cake...
 And finally, some Popsicles!  Or, as my friend calls them, Ice Lollies.  There are five of them in Orange, Cherry, Grape, Lemon and Lime of course.
Head on over to the shop to see the official listings!
In other news, I am working away behind the scenes on perfecting my miniature cauliflower-making.  It's quite a challenge, so I love it!  It involves hand sculpting my own leaf molds.  I can hardly wait to complete them.

With Joy,
Heather of Puttering

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