Ooooh, have I been busy!  I am officially on summer vacation, which means, of course, that I want to fill my time with work ;).  Fun work! 

I want to get the shop well-stocked before July 4th, as my husband and I are off to Seattle to celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary!  I will still be accepting orders while I'm away, and they will all be packaged up and shipped to you as soon as I return home on July 16th.  If you need any miniatures before then, now is the time to order!

Just added, a new cherry pie...

 A scrumptious plate of chocolate brownies, sprinkled in powdered sugar...
 Whole grain bagels and cream cheese...
 And my miniature felted ball garlands are now available in neons!
 Plus, there are still plenty of the original felted ball garlands...
If you are a reader/looker of this blog, I would love to hear from you!  I am relatively new in this world and I'm so excited about taking on new challenges.  If you have any questions or special requests, I'd love to hear them!
With Joy,
Heather of Puttering

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