Baking Bread

To be quite honest, I have been working on my miniature bread technique for months!  Every attempt came out entirely the wrong color.  I finally realized, it was not my technique that was the issue, it was my soft pastels!  They were not the right shades, or a fine enough quality.  I marched myself to the art store, and purchased a beautiful collection of Blick soft pastels in warm, bread-y tones.

Voila!  Miniature bread that looks like bread.  I'm so happy with my new pastels, and I'm dreaming up all the breads I can make now.  First up, I made a rustic round loaf.  It needed a bread board, so I stained and aged a little square of wood, and then I crafted a bread knife to go along with it. For staining, I'm quite fond of Marvy Wood Stain Markers.  They are a breeze to use!  And much less messy than a can and brush.

This particular loaf is available in the shop here:

I hope you have a peachy weekend!
With Joy,
Heather of Puttering


  1. GASP! You have mastered it!!! Amazing. I'm suddenly so hungry...

    1. He-he. Thank you! I am gluten sensitive, so I can't eat very many kinds of real bread. I always get hungry too when I make these ;).

  2. These breads look really realistic!!!

    Pei Li